Valentine's Day

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Our first Valentine's Day together as newly weds. Also our "8 month anniversary" if one were to count in months. The Mr. has teamed up with his best friend (and our neighbor), M. They have declared that they are cooking dinner for J and myself on Saturday. We are pumped because this means that the girls get to sit on the couch...when the girls are usually in the kitchen. Rock on! (Update on this...The Mr. actually worked from 8am until 2am the next day...we did get to eat lunch and dinner together though. An "eat and run" if you will.)

The Mr. and I typically don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We don't exchange gifts. I don't want overpriced flowers, I don't want chocolate (since I'm on this get in shape kick), I defintely do NOT want to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day.

The Mr. has a lot of websites that he frequents and they always have funny names... like or Well on there's a sub-website (?) called They apparently had an offer for wine filled chocolates. My two indulgences: wine & chocolate. Heaven. Amazing. There are 4 flavors: champagne, cabernet, chardonney, and port. The champagne inside the chocolate still has a little bubbly to it. The chardonney was accompanied with white chocolate and the cabernet is accompanied with dark chocolate. Yum!I don't recommend biting half-way into the chocolate though. It would probably spill all over you since it really is liquid... But this picture is just too cool! They were made by Bouquet of Fruits - so you can probably order them direct as well.

I highly recommend these... They were (and still are) delicious!!

Photos from: The Candy Blog


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