101 in 1001?

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've tried making a 101 in 1001 in list several times... but they are always the most inopportune times. When I actually have time to think about it I can't write anything down! Driving...on the treadmill (and I tried writing here...but doesn't really work)...at the grocery store...

I am going to work on it though and I'm going to really try to do it. Don't know what 101 in 1001 is? Well, go here. You make a list of 101 in goals that you plan to accomplish in 1001 days. There have to be qualifiers too...you can just say "I'm going to cook more." It has to be "I'm going to cook a new recipe once a week." or something like that.

I intend to work on this...I have more free time than I think I do I just need to use it more wisely. :)

So look for that 101 in 1001 list coming soon!


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