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>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...what an appropriate name. When I was engaged there was seriously no way i could have kept my brain together planning the wedding and working my tail off without having a weekly calendar. And it wasn't just any calendar. It was the perfect size to fit in all my purses but not so small that I had to write so small I couldn't read it. It was my saving grace.

After I got married and the only thing in my life was work and well, life, I thought I wouldn't need one of these handy little books anymore.


I can't remember to print things off. I can't plan out when I need to start say cutting paper so that I meet my end date for invitations... I forgot (yes, forgot!) to write thank you notes for Christmas. What kind of sister/daughter/daughter-in-law am I? Geez! And now it seems to be a "too little, too late" effort. This year we thought we wouldn't have to attend any weddings...now we have at least two. See where I'm going with this?

Well for the 2009 year it seems that I've put off this purchase probably about a month too long. Oh well. I found some on etsy that are cute, right sized, and recycled. (hug a tree!) They're cute too. It's about the same price I would pay for an 18 month "okay" calendar at say Barnes & Nobles or somewhere like that. Plus, I'd be supporting someone who handmade this little beauty. And then perhaps at the end of this year I can pencil into my schedule to make my own weekly planner for next year. THAT would be the ultimate money saver.

Maybe I should start thinking about how I would make this now (rather than in December). I'll pencil that in right after I scrapbook my wedding and honeymoon pictures... :)


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