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>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've posted about this before and finally got around to making a list. Then never got around to posting it here. So, not only do I have a list - but I have updates too! haha.
Here's my list:

Travel & Vacations
1. Visit my grandmother in Norfolk, VA July 2009 & Jan. 2010
2. Visit my sister in Rocky Mount, NC Mar. 12, 2010 {met the new baby}
3. Cruise to the Caribbean
4. Visit family in Jacksonville, FL
5. Visit The Mr.'s family in Lake Charles Summer 2010
6. Go to Biltmore to see all the seasons
7. Go fishing once a year (0/3)
8. Go to a Greenville Drive game Spring 2010 with T&J
9. Go to the Georgia Aquarium October 2010. So awesome!
10. Take a carriage ride through downtown Charleston
11. Go Geocaching 10x
12. Visit NC wine country
13. Visit the muscadine grape winery in Charleston July 2009

14. Unpack the bonus room Completed by The Mr. Winter 2010
15. Purchase an audio stand for the mess in the corner June 2009
16 Purchase a coffee table & end tables November 2009
17. Stain plant stands April 2009
18. Purchase/acquire a Baker’s Rack for a plant stand Change of plans. :)
19. Purchase patio furniture March 2010
20. Clean the master shower every week for two months This is the best new habit!
21. Mop the floors every other week (clean bathrooms on the “off” weeks) Another great habit!
22. Hang diplomas (and other framed artwork)
23. Paint the kitchen October 2009
24. Paint the bathrooms Winter 2010.
25. update the ½ bath with a new vanity September 2009
26. Get curtains for the morning room I bought them. Not sure if I am going to hang them.
27. Put Christmas supplies in the attic August 2009
28. Hardwood the first floor. April 2010. Yay!
29. Hang picture frame molding in the dining room & paint
30. Design ceiling details in morning room
31. Replace door handles/locks with brushed nickel. April 2010. Last two handles installed!

32. Try a new wine every month (12/32)
33. Try a new recipe every month (10/32)
34. Try a new restaurant once a quarter (0/12)

Family & Friends
35. Host a party with friends once a year (2/3) {Saints Superbowl party+NYE 2010}
36. Host a family holiday
37. Send a card or letter once a month (4/33) - not so good on this one.
38. Start and maintain an address book
39. Call my grandparents 2x a month (0/64)
40. Have dinner with friends 2x a month (0/64)
41. Find and make friends with people who aren’t fake I've made some awesome friends!
42. Host a semi-neighborhood get together on the patio Kinda. I had a jewelry party. :)
43. Get the girls together for a ladies night out

Love Life
44. Make wedding photo albums for our parents I've kind of decided against this. I'm not sure they really want one...
49. **Private**
50. **Private**
51. Surprise The Mr. with something special 4x per year
52. Get a couple’s massage with our gift certificate June 13, 2009 {1st anniversary celebration}

Health & Fitness
53. Lose 10 lbs (goal weight: 145) Novemeber 2009
54. Try a spin class Love this!
55. Improve my posture (per Wii Fit)
56. Go hiking at least twice a year (0/6)
57. Create our living wills
58. Get life insurance outside of the company
59. Drop dental care to save the dough
60. Move HSA money to an interest yielding account Interest rates aren't great right now - but it's better than nothing!
61. Floss once a month (3/33)

Fashion & Beauty
62. Purchase 5 new pairs of work pants each year (5/15)
63. Get a facial
64. Donate clothes to Goodwill once a year (2/3)
65. Get a new hair cut
66. Wear sunscreen everyday!
67. Stop picking at fingernails
68. Give myself a manicure once a week

69. Determine the pros/cons to a personal IRA currently decided against
70. Monitor and adjust my 401k
71. Save enough money to buy new cars (1/2) - August 2009 replaced Maxima with Altima.
72. Save up the dough to hardwood the first floor Purchased Feb. 2010
73. Read Dave Ramsey’s books
74. Learn about how to operate a side business (rules, taxes, money handling, etc)
75. Sell wedding stuff that’s around the house It's all gone!

76. Register for the Professional Engineers Exam
77. Purchase the book to study for the Professional Engineers Exam
78. Update the old pictures on my desk with new pictures.
79. Clean out instrument data from my desk Dec. 2009 {a month after it was dumped, I needed it for the first time in a year... go figure.}
80. Complete all assigned tasks by the end of the week once a month (3/32)
81. Lead a small project
82. Apply the lessons learned from “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Crafty & Leisurely Things
83. Begin (and complete) wedding scrapbook
84. Begin (and complete) honeymoon scrapbook
85. Take a photography class
86. Collect old family photos and edit
87. Create a photo wall for the stair well
88. Paint canvases for the ½ bath October 2009
89. Put all photos on DVDs
90. Come up with a name for the side biz
91. Promote side biz (etsy, blog, etc)
92. Update my blog everyday for a week (4x)
93. Watch the Star Wars series
94. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy
95. Get a library membership, and read 25 books (4/25)

96. Remember my reusable bags each time I go to the grocery for a month
97. Carpool with the hubs 2x/week
98. Begin composting

99. Blog about all the things that I complete.
100. Attract more followers to my sad little blog.
101. Host a successful giveaway on my blog.

Due Date: March 6, 2012

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Jill July 26, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

2 things. #61- floss once a month cracks me up. i think i went about 2 years without flossing. then i started a month before the wedding and i can't stop. it's ridiculous, like at least twice a day!

#100- you're too funny. i love your little blog. it's not sad at all!

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