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>> Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mr. and I found out we were expecting a miniature version of us mid-March.  We both didn’t really believe it.  Let’s face it, who would want to take up residence inside of a body that has been popping 800mg ibuprofen two or three times a day and consuming only liquids or mush?  This kid is either going to love smoothies or be glutton for punishment.  Hopefully they love smoothies (because we do, too!)

So here I am – pregnant and can’t chew.  Then I get cleared to chew (hooray!!).  And then I get my book full of things I can’t eat.  (sad face).

So I’ll go ahead and put it out there now.  Top three things I want to eat after baby:
1. egg over easy

2. Jimmy John’s sub
3. sushi

I am going to chew all of that glorious goodness. 

Even though I haven’t talked much (at all) on the blog lately – there’s really not anything exciting going on with the bump.  Photo evidence: 

16 weeks.jpg
Taken June 2 at 16 weeks.  This was our “Facebook official announcement”.  We had told a lot of people in person already but never went live on Facebook.  I felt silly telling folks I was 16 weeks pregnant looking like that.  People didn’t believe it.

Speaking of not believing it – here’s the photo taken yesterday, June 30.  

20 weeks.jpg
20 weeks and I don’t have much to show for it. 

It’s great for me!  I probably don’t have enough fingers or toes for all the women out there who hate me…

I am still wearing non-maternity clothes and feeling like a normal human being.  Sometimes I do have to jog a little to the bathroom if I wait too long – which is probably pretty funny to see.  I also no longer bend in the middle anymore – which actually feels funny.

A lot of folks have asked me if I was sick at all.  Many of these people are my coworkers…I sometimes answer their question with the question “Did you notice me eating differently or scampering off to the bathroom looking green?”  The answer to that is no.  I’ve felt great.  I was pretty tired in the first trimester, which is to be expected.  I was also super hungry.  I often called myself the Hungry, Hungry Hippo.  Now I call the little one the hippo – because I’m pretty sure it’s the one that is always so dang hungry! 

My memory seems to be going down the tubes.  I was outside yesterday thinking about a grocery list while pulling weeds.  I came inside to write it down and thought “What was the other thing I needed that started with a ‘B’?”  Took me 5 minutes to remember “bananas”.  Wow. 

So there’s that.  I will post and discuss more often.  I’d like to document some of the things I experience along the way – so hopefully writing it down will help me remember.


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