Super Bowl Sunday! (and Day 6)

>> Monday, February 6, 2012

I will preface this with this post is pretty bland because things have been pretty quiet and boring around these parts.  More of the same, basically. 

Yesterday (Day 5) was a pretty busy day.   We had some friends visit after they went to church.  They brought The Mr. (and themselves) bagels for brunch.  I was brought a smoothie from Smoothie King.  They brought me a large and told me it was the smallest one they had. :-) 

They stayed and visited for a bit and then we headed out for our weekly Costco trip.  It was nice to get out of the house and go poke around Costco.  They were handing out samples and some of them I could even eat! It was exciting to be able to try some of the things there in the small samples to see if I could handle it or not.

The afternoon was pretty uneventful.  I napped and laid around in general trying to rest up for the Super Bowl party at a neighbors later that night.  The Super Bowl Party was fun.  I was a little tired and felt a little light headed – so I sat on the couch for most of it.  There were some people there that I hadn’t seen in a while and/or didn’t know I was having jaw surgery.  They, of course, wanted to chat about it which is difficult in this condition. haha.  We left after halftime and came home to watch the rest of the game from our bed.  It was a nice night overall.  It felt really good to get out and do something different. 

I ate something before we went down the street since I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat most of the food there.  I did eat some cake, a brownie, and some dip.  It was good.  Things that are a little spicy have been tasting very spicy to me because the inside of my mouth is so raw.  The dip was a bit spicy – so I am paying for it today.

Today, I guess I could tell that I did a lot yesterday.  I slept pretty well but woke up several times during the night.  I had to get up before The Mr. went to work so I could shower before he left – just in case.  We don’t want to risk me getting tired in the shower and falling.  Could you imagine? Wow. 

Pretty lazy day overall.  I lounged around and got pretty bored.  I needed a quiet day though because I felt “off” all day.  Every time I got up to move around my heart rate would go way up and I felt pretty light headed.  I thought it was associated with the food or calorie intake – but I ate quite a bit today, actually.  I feel better tonight. 

Overall, I feel good.  The swelling is coming down slowly but surely.  Besides my braces and rubber bands digging into my lips and cheeks, the pain isn’t too bad.  I have been putting wax on my braces to keep the appliance pain at bay.  I hope that all of that is gone by the end of the week?  Here’s hoping…  this whole thing is totally manageable if you’re not in pain from things digging into you.


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