Day 4

>> Saturday, February 4, 2012

My face looks a little bit smaller today.  I wasn’t so convinced just looking in the mirror but after comparing my photo from yesterday and the right photo from today, I think it does look better.  I decided to take a photo with a smile, too, so people don’t think that I am just miserable and hating life. 

Day 4 SmileDay 4 Thug

My right cheek looks puffier than the left – but I think the left cheek is all swollen inside my mouth and between my teeth.  It kind of sucks, really.  The corners of my mouth are cracked so I just keep them coated with chaps stick.  It helps some but I’d like for it to go away.

Most of the day was uneventful.  I worked on my puzzle quite a bit and watched some TV.  I had a smoothie for breakfast (strawberry-blueberry…it was pretty good) and another for lunch – the Skinny Green Monster – from Skinny Taste.  I’m only linking you to it – I’m not even going to post the recipe.  In my opinion, it was “meh” at best.  The first glass was…well, fine.  The second glass, I had to choke half of it down and then I just couldn’t do anymore.  I think it was the slightly bitter after taste from the spinach that was getting me.  Maybe if I had added an apple to it or something – but it just wasn’t cutting it for me.  Especially not when I was hungry and my husband was eating boudain.  Lame. 

We did go out on an adventure today.  We went to the library (I got asked to leave because I had a drink and no food or drink are allowed apparently?) – whatever. I just say in the lobby.  I was tired anyway.  Then we went to the grocery store and found some other food for me to eat that was a little different than what I had been eating.  With all of the Super Bowl Parties and shows and food clips on TV, I had been craving some meat or chili or salsa.  We picked up some avocados and a few more cans of soup. 

It was a nice pick-me-up to make guaco-salsa that I can eat for part of my dinner tonight (1 avocado, some diced tomato, onion powder, salt, pepper and cilantro).  Oh my wow – it was so good!  Then I had some French Onion soup with cheese on top – delicious!  So I am branching out and finding ways to satisfy my cravings. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  A friend of ours from work and his wife are going to stop by tomorrow after church.  They said they are going to bring bagels for everyone but gobstoppers for me. Ha!  Actually, I think I’m getting a smoothie…  We also need to make our weekly trip to Costco – hopefully I am up for it.  Then later on one of our neighbors is having a Super Bowl get together. I will have to eat up before I go and then maybe take something with me to eat while I’m there.  People will be chowing down on things like wings and such.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to all of these things tomorrow without being totally wiped out.  I have Monday to recover, right? 


Amy February 4, 2012 at 11:31 PM  

Glad to see you're doing better! I will admit, the bruises remind me slightly of the iodine people put on their arms before getting blood drawn or something.

...or maybe I'm just watching too many crime shows.

Regardless, I'm so proud of you for taking this whole ordeal in stride. :)

And PS? LOVING all the recipes you're posting. I might just go on a mirror diet as support. Haha. Regardless, they all sound delicious.

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