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>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is all about the randomness…

The February birthdays and anniversaries were celebrated yesterday at work.  I went to hear what they had to say and was honestly pretty excited about getting some cake or a cupcake.  Imagine my disappointment when I’m standing there all hungry and hoping for a cupcake and they handed out candy bars…   I came back to my desk and ate my cottage cheese instead.  Not nearly as good as a cupcake. 

I had the pleasure of stopping next to a Maserati on an exit ramp waiting for the light this morning.  I will say that I’m not impressed with how the car looked.  I’d relate it to a Nissan 350Z.  Not exciting for the amount of money that woman paid for it… I’d keep my money and just drive a Nissan.

I had a good update with the doctor today.  I only have three weeks and two doctor visits left.  We are making progress with teaching my muscles to relax and just go where they should.  Also my teeth are coming together on the sides so that when I am finally ready to chew there are teeth there to do some chewing.

I learned the hard way today that I am not ready to chew.  I heated up some lasagna that I made last night and without thinking I started to bite down on a piece in my mouth.  I caught myself and stopped but that small amount of pressure now has my jaw aching.  Lesson learned that three screws holding my bones together isn’t enough support for pasta. 

I am going to nurse my aching jaw and get some rest.


Amy February 23, 2012 at 3:34 AM  

Slowly but surly, progress is progress!

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