Three weeks in & three to go

>> Monday, February 20, 2012

First, let me start off with the fact that I am painfully aware of the fact that I have gone over a week without updating the blog… but for those who have been following for any length of time realize that this kind of progress… no?

Tomorrow marks three weeks post surgery.  It also marks three weeks before I can chew again.  What do I want to eat first?!  I feel really good.  My energy feels good.  I went back to work last Tuesday.  I did pretty okay energy wise at work but after I got home, ate my Valentine’s meal (more about that in a second) and went out for a B1G1 free Sonic sundae – I was totally spent. 

For Valentine’s Day, I decided I was going to have a hamburger cheeseburger with mushrooms, pickles, ketchup, mustard, lettuce & tomatoes from Five Guys for dinner.  But how does someone who can’t chew eat a cheeseburger with toppings for dinner?

Five Guys Burger - right out of the food processer! 
Uh, well, you put it in a food processor!  I know that looks disgusting but it tasted good.  I’ve had to learn to look past what the food looks like in the bowl or cup or whatever container I choose to eat some mush.  So don’t judge me.  Maybe you should try it.

I finally made it back to the gym today at lunch.  It felt good to get back there and get sweaty again.  I started slow and just lifted weights.  I did realize that it’s hard to sit back up after doing crunches and other ab exercises on the floor.  Think about it next time you’re laying on the floor and need to sit up (or even laying in the bed).  I don’t know why but apparently I do some major jaw clenching when I try to sit up…  kind of aches a little bit tonight.

I’ve got some hesitation to getting back to running.  I know my teeth are sore so it’ll hurt a little if they knock together.  I may give a slow run a try this week… we’ll see.

Here’s a mirror picture of me after my workout today.  Slightly hot mess, but not too bad.  Check out how good that lack of swelling looks!  It’s not all gone yet – but it’s getting better by the day.  
I took this in the ladies locker room… and for the record, I double checked that there were no naked women in the background.  Trust me – no one wants to see that. 

But since we’re talking about hot messes – here’s a more up close, hot mess photo. 
So that’s a little update for how I’m doing these days.  I have more I want to talk about…but if I talk about it all now, what would I talk about later?  Ha! 

Tomorrow is my follow up doctor appointment…I’m sure it will be just fine.  Maybe my mouth will open more than 22 centimeters tomorrow.  Apparently 44 centimeters is normal?  …or at least a large enough opening for a hamburger or a sub sandwich.  mmmmm!

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