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>> Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know, I know.  I've been busy.  Work has been crazy.  And frankly there hasn't been anything that exciting to talk about.  I have a few things up my sleeve now though - let's just hope I actually sit down and put the proverbial pen to paper if you will.

The Mr. has suggested several times that I talk about our meal plans, what we liked, didn't like, what we'd change, etc.  We've made it one of our goals to essentially cook our way through the Ellie Krieger cookbooks.  To date, we haven't found a recipe of hers that we did not like...which is a pretty exciting accomplishment really. 

I'll document our journey as best as I can and link you up to the recipes that she has available online through Food Network.  The ones that aren't available - I'll give you a general idea of what's in them but I feel bad about sharing the entire recipe... it is her livelihood and all (even though I'm sure she's filthy rich).  I'd be mad if someone was just freely handing out my recipes on the internetz - so I'll respect that fact.  I'll also mention things that we're going to try or would change just a hair.

Here's what we're looking at for this week:
Saturday:  Oven-Fried Chicken (tenders) & Garlic Fries
Sunday: Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes & Feta (over rice)
Monday: Chicken-Mushroom Quesadilla
Tuesday: leftovers/cereal/ fend for yourself
Wednesday: Steak Sandwiches**
Thursday: The Mr. has class... so leftovers. And wine (for me). :)

If you're curious about Ellie Krieger's books - Saturday & Sunday recipes are from her book "The Food You Crave".  Monday's recipes is from "So Easy"

**This is a recipe straight from The Mr.'s head.  We couldn't help ourselves...Bi-Lo had a great deal on their "Buy 5 for $20".  You could get NY Strips, Pork Sirloins, ground turkey breast.  ZOMG.  We stocked up because those are all things we eat often...

Happy Eating!!  I'll review these recipes soon (I hope)!

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