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>> Monday, January 11, 2010

So delicious. Ooo wee! (yeah, Fergi!)

Another straggler has joined our group.

Oh, what group is that? tsk, shooooot. I haven't talked about this before?

But no, really. Today at the gym, I realized that I don't think I've ever mentioned my girl SusieQ.

SusieQ is my totally random workout partner. And I mean totally random. The only thing we had in common at the time we started working out was that we both worked out with Elvis. And you know Elvis. I believe I fondly called him Mr. Muscles.

So yeah - SusieQ. She had the personal training slot immediately after mine. We'd usually tag off (you know, like they do in the WWE partner wrestling stuff? Exactly like that.)

Come to find out, our sessions both ended at about the same time (whew!) but we wanted to keep pumping the iron (rock on!) but we knew if we went at it alone we'd probably fail (bummer!).

So we did the next best thing and became insta-friends. That soon developed into "heeey, let's got get some beers."** So this whole thing has become pretty awesome.

Anyway - back to my original point. We've added a new member to the "Corners at Peak" group.*** Jean-Marie (or JM). She should have known this wasn't something she wanted to do when we describe the next exercise as "this one sucks worse than that other one that I said sucked the most." But she's a tough one and doesn't give up...I hope she can walk tomorrow. Heck, I hope that I can walk tomorrow. Let's get real.

Workouts in the corner with these two are comical and there's no getting around it. From our corner (yes - really, it's a corner. People leave us alone, don't eye our weights - esp. the 30 lb bar that is apparently the only one in the entire know)... but from our corner we can see a lot of things - so good and some really just not so good.

And now that the introductions are out of the way. Here are the two lessons learned, if you will, from the gym tonight.

(1) Don't call SusieQ out across the gym and tell her to straighten her legs out. Elvis yelled from the other end of the gym "Susie! Susie! Straighten out 'dem legs!" That in itself was funny enough to make me stop my bicep curls. What put the icing on it was SusieQ stopped mid crunch and yelled back, "Boy, please. You ain't on my pay roll. Shoooot." Pretty sure at that point the whole gym was looking at us and LOLing at Elvis.

(2) If you are of the male gender and like to wear your silky/polyester style gym shorts - please, for the love of pete, ensure they are the correct size. We do not want to know what your goods are because your shorts are a little too static-y tonight and clinging in all the oh-so-wrong places.

It was quite the impossible task to stop staring at this dudes junk. And he kept walking funny... maybe he had a wedgie? Maybe he was wearing a thong? I'm thinking thong. And I wish I had a picture because I would post it here for everyone to decide.

**Yes, I know that grabbing some beers with your iron pumping partner is like walking backwards. But sometimes you've just gotta let loose.

***We actually just totally named ourselves today. SusieQ wants us to make a workout video like Fonda...and we could because we've all got a motor in the back of our Honda.+

+Please, please tell me you know what that's from... (Someone keeps requesting this song on the radio stations "My-Pod" lunchtime hour. I always crank it up and rap it out!)

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Beth January 11, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

"I like bigggg butts and I cannot lie!"

Clemson Girl January 11, 2010 at 10:42 PM  

I adore this post! Why don't I live closer to you? Ugh!

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