A Giveaway?

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't mind if I do. :)

I've been following this blog, elefantitas alegres, for quite some time now. I love her writing style and her analysis of the daily life.

She also has a blog called "I Take Photos in the Bathroom" or ITPitB for short. It's hilarious and she's quite the fashion-ista. It gives me a little boost of confidence to give a style a try that I often shy away from because of the ol' hips.

Back to the point - she's hosting a giveaway! Woo! So don't enter so I can win go jump on the bandwagon so maybe you can score a gorgeous handcrafted silk scarf.

Have I ever mentioned how much I just adore scarves? I have a whole woven footlocker with nothing but sweaters and scarves in them. A handcrafted silk scarf? Oh my - it would be the cherry on top of my scarf collection.

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