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>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have you ever listened to this band?

Oh, but you should.

I just started laughing so hard at my desk, I almost cried. People were looking at me like "I want to laugh!" Sadly, I don't think they would laugh like I did.

Here's what I was laughing at:

"Prostitute. I hate you. Put down the Oreo crackers and quit doing the sex."
(from Too Many Guys. You can see the rest of the lyrics here. Trust me, it's worth it!)

This one is my favorite though:

-Blade, listen to thait.
-Okay, what?
-I'm going to the doctorate, right?
-Mmm Hmm?
-And my-- and he's telling me I haive this problem
weef my fronthead, when I'm touching it it does like thait:
-Oh, Crapshaitt!
-Oh daim!
-You and I mowst haive been drinking
out of the saime cup, you know?
-We daid.
-Because, when I haive a saime problem, weef a laidie,
she goes to towch the testiclides,
and it maikes a sounde laike thais:
-Oh, that is sounding like the saime sound
owf my fronthead laike thais:
-Oh, crowtch, the saime as your fronthead laike thais!:
-You mean laike thais?:

From Idioth. Lyrics found here.

I'd give you YouTube links...but I can't YouTube at work (boo!). So go look and you'll ROFL too!

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Rachel Ann June 9, 2009 at 11:55 PM  

I used to LOVE them back in college. Also, I'm now following you too, as apparently we are clones of each other.

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