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>> Monday, May 4, 2009

My old college roomie, Beth, is awesome. She was my first roommate and we were put together randomly. Random placements always have the potential to be a HUGE disaster. huge. The card I got in the mail said my roommate was going to be "Virginia" and it listed her info: address, phone number, etc. So after my parents pressured me, I called her and asked to speak to Virginia. At that moment she probably thought to herself "oh geez". Come to find out, she goes by Beth and doesn't care too much for the name Virgina... I was hesitant about moving in (and so was she). But we got along so well that we lived together her entire time at Clemson (3 years!) As ironic as it sounds we lived in Room 522 all three years. Twice in Holmes (we asked for 522 the second year there) and then once in C-House - which was a random occurence. Hilarious though. Quite hilarious.

We had a lot of good times in 522. Blaring the Counting Crows, Cake, random rap songs (those were always mine) and even Disney Tunes like "Under the Sea". We both loved music - and Law & Order: SVU - so we were content as roommates. We even had a rule that if the temperature outside was in the teens - we wouldn't go to class. We skipped chemistry once or twice...and were always late to that class. Always. I loved rooming with her.

Then she graduated from Clemson in 2005. Then I had to go figure out a new roommate situation... I was sad to leave her. But she was moving on to bigger and way better things. Moved to Athens, GA and started school at UGA getting her degree in Veterinary Medicine. We kept in touch throughout everything. She is one of my closest friends and was one of my bridemaid's. Love her.

And this weekend she graduated and is now, officially, a vet. And I think that's so freaking cool.

So here's to Beth - my random roommate and soon to be (after her internship) neighbor. You rock!

She graduated and left Clemson in 2005 and went on to UGA to study for her degree in Veterinary Medicine.

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Amy May 4, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

they say becoming a vet is harder than becoming a doctor for people.

among other things, Beth must be a pretty smart cookie!

Enginerd May 10, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

very exciting! i'd also like to take a moment to ask if that black dress was your BM's dress because i want one for myself!! fab taste on your part.

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