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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yup, that's me.

Background: I worked at a plant that makes fabric for about a year part time during school. I was like an intern or whatever (but really I sat there and did homework, got paid, and learned a little bit about color). I don't have as much color experience as the color expert there - Jason. BUT - he did teach me one or two things.

The first, and foremost, thing that he taught me was that black is not always black. There are different SHADES of black! What? So ever since he pointed out the little nuances of black I notice when people's blacks don't match. For instance, when someone here at work wears a black top and black pants and one of them is slightly faded or they are very different materials, I cringe. Black is not black is not black. Besides - black on black? Who died?

Now, if you think I'm bad? I had to wear all black for my concerts when I was in college and Jason would come to the concerts (because he's a band buff too). I asked him before the concert to *please* not judge me because my blacks didn't match. Haha. I couldn't find two blacks in my closest that matched! I don't have that problem anymore because I don't wear black tops with black pants - that's setting yourself up for failure.

On the weight front - Dauge told me this morning that maybe I'm not seeing the scale go down because I'm stressed about my job situation. There have been lay offs and there are a lot of people who have gotten their notices - but I haven't been told anything. I'm still telling myself that no news is good news - but it's still in the back of my head that I could be on the street at the end of April or May. So that's probably not helping. I told Dauge that I was going into my bosses office and tell him that he's making me fat! ...I think he'd just laugh at me. :)


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