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>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have been having some crazy, crazy weather lately! Last week it was freezing! This week? I have worn short sleeves to work and a light coat. Insane!

To top it all off, tonight when I got home I was making myself some dinner and our weather radio that we got from my super cool sister started alarming. According to the man in the little box there was a thunderstorm headed our way. Nothing abnormal about that (except that it's February). Then he said that it's traveling at 60mph. Wha?! Seriously?

Well, for The Mr.'s birthday I gave him a little weather station. Why? Well, really because he just wanted one. Now I realize how much he loves this thing. I told him at Christmas that I typically give him crap-tastic gifts except for the Wii (which he ended up finding first) and the surround speakers (which, let's face it...he picked them out, ordered them, and had them installed...the only way I was associated was because my name is on the bank account too). So I rocked it for the birthday.

So 60mph winds AND a new weather station? Rock on. I don't think our little wind meter can really measure it's kind of close to the ground so that effects it too. It's in our front yard and people ask us what it is all the time...

The highest wind reading I could get was a 14mph gust (you can see it in the circle). The highest average wind speed it showed was 11 mph (that was where the 6 is). I couldn't get my camera fast enough to capture that though. Wind is tricky! You have to catch it while you can! I like Dauge's toy almost as much as he does!


Beth February 12, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

No kidding! We have no trees around our house so we heard that roar of the 60mph storm! Luckily this time we didn't have any damage....but our neighbor's trampoline is in a tangled mass of metal. It sounded like a tornado going through!

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