25 Random Things About Me

>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is from my Facebook...

1. Daugenet and I live next door to our best friends and we love it. We eat dinner together most nights.

2. My car is worth less than my bi-weekly paycheck but I don't care too much. It's better than having a car payment.

3. I like rap music.

4. I've been living in my house for 7 months and one room is still all boxes... Don't judge. Come help.

5. I like to sing in the car by myself. And I sing loud. :)

6. I have at least 10 boxes of cereal in my house right now. If we get down to 3 boxes of cereal, we buy more - but only when it is buy one, get one FREE!

7. We use recycled toilet paper. We recycle. We try to live green.

8. People call us tree huggers for reasons like #7.

9. My office is next door to a strip club that offers a free lunch buffet. Daugenet works on the other side of the strip club. We've never meet in the middle.

10. I tried to hang a "5 minute" ceiling fan by myself...it took me an hour and a half. And Dauge had to help.

11. I can be lazy...but I'm not as lazy as I used to be.

12. I like to watch The Hills on MTV...it's bad reality TV.

13. This is the first year I have watched The Biggest Loser. It makes me want to exercise even though I don't weigh 400 lb.

14. This time last year I could hardly do 20 reps of anything with 5 lb weights. Now I can do 20 reps of pretty much anything with 10 lb weights!

15. I hate mooches. Don't beg.

16. I like to try new recipes...but usually it's too much food for two people.

17. Dauge and I like to have people over to try these said new recipes... we enjoy cooking (Yes, he cooks too!)

18. I iron the clothes. Dauge makes the lunch in the morning. It's pretty awesome.

19. I only work half days on Fridays. It's great. Except that means I have to work 730-530 every other day of the week.

20. I haven't washed or vacuumed my car in well over a year.

21. I always try to find things that I know that Dauge doesn't know...because he seems to know everything!

22. I have 25 lb of halibut in my freezer that we caught with our own bare hands. I should start selling it at the market.

23. I like to enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.

24. I am the sweater queen... but I have resolved to get rid of the sweaters I don't wear anymore.

25. I'm not really the queen. My sister is...and her and Jon really know how to break it down! :-D


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