My Husband.

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

... he's silly. Check out this shirt he's wearing... (I just found this picture from the summer)

What's the story with the shirt? Well when I started working for this company last year, July marked the company's 20 year anniversay. So of course we, as a company, had to celebrate. Everyone who wanted a shirt got mailed a shirt - and their spouses or significant others got shirts too. I was new...2 months into the job and thought to myself "How cool - I could use a Mustang shirt if I go recruiting or something like that." They didn't show pictures of the shirts - so everyone was floored when we got these in the mail.

At that point The Mr. didn't work here. After he started he decided it was time to wear the shirt. So when the anniversary rolled around again in July (which the anniversary is a big deal every year because we get a $50 bill. Our bonus I suppose?) The Mr. put on the shirt and went to work. I couldn't let him out of the house without documenting this!


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