Congratulations to Adam & Katie!

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adam and Katie tied the knot (again) on Nov. 22. They got married in the Church - they had a civil ceremony before Adam went off to officer training and boot camp - and then deployed to Afghanistan. They've been married for 2 years now - but this was the party to celebrate their marriage.

Their wedding was at the Sumerall Chapel at The Citadel in Charleston. Adam graduated from there in the Tango Company in 2006.
How do we know each other? I've known Adam (and the rest of "the gang") since we were in 8th grade. We didn't become a core group of friends until probably 11th grade - but they've all been there for me throughout the years. We're all a bunch of band kids. :)

Below was my favorite part of the wedding - the arch of swords was pretty neat to see.

As you can see, Adam is a genius and broke his leg the week before the wedding. Real man of genius. Broke it in three places. I didn't know until we showed up for the rehearsal. Wow. He says it was just good timing because he didn't have to dance at the wedding and he also didn't have to help move over Thanksgiving break. Smart. I'm sure he planned it like that, right?

Dauge and I at the reception which was held at the Rice Mill Buildling. Good Food Catering in Charleston does an amazing job with food!

The groom and I. Looking snazzy in his uniform.


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