>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

In other exciting news...we have been looking for a Dynamite Crepe Myrtle to put in our front yard. Why so specific?

Dauge has been researching crepe myrtles for a few months now and actually saw a few around town that he loved. He had a specific color choice in mind: cherry red flowers. I was fine with letting him pick the color of the flowers because I don't have a real preference on what shade the blooms are - I just knew I wanted a crepe myrtle in our yard. He showed me pictures of this tree and the blooms look great! So we started the search for the tree.

We found a local nursery called Underwood Nursery and we went wandering around their greenhouses about two weeks ago. We saw some Dynamite crepe myrtles but they were a little sad looking. And we wanted a good, strong tree that wasn't going to disappoint us in 6 months when it died. So we waited. I could tell that Dauge was excited about the find - so of course I was very excited as well. We were both excited to have a vision of our landscaping finally coming together (without having to order the tree on the internet...)

While Dauge was in California he called the nursery to see if they had gotten anymore trees in - well the ones we thought had been sold weren't actually bought. So I took off work early on Tuesday and went to buy my husband the best Dynamite crepe myrtle that I could find. And I did. It got planted on Friday afternoon about 2 hours before Dauge landed in Greenville. It's pretty exciting. Here's the little guy sitting in our front yard.


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