Waiting and waiting.

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's the line I waited in to vote. This is actually 15 minutes after the doors opened and I didn't take a picture of how many people there were behind me. I'd say there were at least 150 people there before the doors even opened. I got there at 6:30am and I was behind 75-100 people. I never thought people would be so dedicated this year! When I passed the polling place on my way home (which is a school that is less than 2 minutes from my house) there were about 5 cars in the parking lot. And that was at 6pm. I should've voted late!

And because I love to wait in line so much...here's what traffic looks like on Woodruff Rd. on my way home. When the sun goes down earlier, the traffic also gets heavier earlier. It's crazy to compare the traffic. I leave at the same time from work and the traffic usually isn't this bad!


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