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>> Monday, October 13, 2008

...Clemson football, that is. Tommy Bowden resigned (or got fired??) today. I think everyone expected to see this at the end of the season. About this time every year all of the IPTAY and Clemson Alumni start yelling that Bowden should get the ax because he is such a sorry coach. This season? Every game he stands on the sideline looking like someone just ran over his dog. And what coach takes their headset off in the last 4 minutes of the football game when you're losing and you have possession of the football? What the heck?

I didn't believe it until ESPN posted on their website. I never thought he would get the boot in the middle of the season. Even the QB, Harper, who got benched after the loss to Wake (to a freshman, no less) said that Bowden got what he deserved. Sounds like Harper is a little bit bitter. Word on the street is he is getting $4 million to leave. If I got $4 million dollars to leave, I wouldn't even want a box to clean out my office. I would take the check and walk out the door.
My favorite part of this whole thing? The interim coach's name is "Dabo". Hey, Dabo! ...can't wait to hear that over the loadspeakers at the game.
Anyway...check out the ESPN article.


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