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>> Friday, October 17, 2008

Daugenet and I bought a fan for the "living room" (we call it the front room or the craft room) back in July or August. The fan was called the "Five Minute Fan". Supposedly it was only supposed to take you five minutes to hang this fan.
It sat in the front room for about a month. Dauge put together the motor when we first brought it home and then we put it aside because we got busy with other things. Well, when we got back from our honeymoon I decided that I was going to hang up this fan myself. It was a "Five Minute Fan" - it couldn' tbe that difficult, right? And even if it only took 30 minutes then it would still be a pretty awesome acheievement for me.
Well, I ran into problems from the beginning when I was trying to hang up the mounting bracket. Geez. Who knew that the screws they provide you with don't usually fit into the holes that are already in your ceiling?
I ran into a few other speed bumps - but Daugenet helped me out with all of my issues or concerns that it "just didn't fit right". The fan works great and hasn't fallen on my head yet! I was so excited to get it off the floor and have it hanging up in the ceiling. It really helps in the summer when it gets so bloody hot in there!


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