Homer, AK: Day 3

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So after our awesome deep sea fishing trip we made another quick trip down to the Homer Spit to eat at Captain Patti's retaurant. It was really good. We also shipped our fish from a place called Coal Point Trading. Apparently that place is owned by the guy who built the Time Bandit (you know, Deadlist Catch on TLC? Crab fishing? Yeah.) I don't know how true that is...but it sounds cool!

We also drove up to the look out over Homer to see if we could get some good pictures of the area...and we sure did! The view from this overlook was just amazing. I could've stayed there for most of the day, honestly. Dauge was manning the camera for the most part and I was just letting him play with it all. He got some good shots of the two of us with the huge, gorgeous mountains in the background.
We drove back to Anchorage on Day 3 in Homer also. On our way back we stopped at the place that is the Furthest West that you can drive in Alaska. There was apparently supposed to be some sort of plaque and we wandered around, but couldn't quite find it. Instead we found a bunch of skeletons - so we decided to not hang out for too long.


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