Homer, AK: Halcyon Heights and the first night

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Halcyon Heights is a nice bed and breakfast tucked away on the hill in Homor, AK. The view from the decks are amazing - which we didn't realize until a day or so later because it was so overcast and rainy when we arrived.

This was our bedroom for the first two nights. The bed was soooo comfortable and roomy. I woke up plenty of times and couldn't even find Dauge. It was almost like I was sleeping alone! The third night we had to move to another, less impressive (but still extremely comfortable) room. The second room had the best view from the bed. We found out that we had to give up the "master suite" to another just-married couple...except they were more recently married than us, so it was okay. The shower in the room had two shower heads. It was a nice feature! I actually used both shower heads everytime I showered - and I was in there alone! It was awesome.

On our first night in Homer, we took a ride down to the Homer Spit to get our fishing licenses, find our dock we had to meet at in the morning, and to see what was going on. Dauge stopped at the end of the spit and we walked on the beach. I documented our walk on the beach because everyone kept telling me how "unromantic" our trip to Alaska would be....and that we should go to the beach. We did go to the beach! And it was great! :)

...next up, deep sea fishing!


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