Alaska: The beginning

>> Monday, August 25, 2008

As most people already know, Dauge and I decided to take a delayed honeymoon for several reasons. One of them being that our chances of seeing Aurora Borealis in Alaska are increased in September because that's when the "season" starts. The other reason is because we closed on our house two weeks after the wedding (I know, I know...we will post pictures of the house soon!) We are doing a lot of traveling over the honeymoon and taking a lot of this is going to be a several part series. Starting with our trip out to Alaska and going from there...

This was our plane. It was probably one of the biggest planes I, personally, have ever been on. We sat at one of the first few windows, but I'm not totally sure which one. We rode first class for our 7.5 hour trip and I thought it was quite worth it. Would I pay for it without airline points? Probably not. But still worth it.

In first class, they serve your drinks in real glasses. Not the cheap plastic cups. And boy they want to keep your glass full too - with whatever you so choose. I chose cranberry vodka, and it was delicious.

We are staying at all Mariotts because Dauge had earned to many points working with the government and traveling all the time. This was our first night's hotel. It was right in downtown and was very comfortable and convenient. It was also snuggled between the Chevron office and the ConocoPhillips to love big oil!

Here is the view from our hotel room. The following morning we could actually see Mt. McKinley from our room which is apparently a rarity, so we were pretty lucky! We wandered around the market that happens on Saturdays and Sundays in downtown. We also found out that nothing (and I mean, nothing) opens until 10am. I suppose everyone likes to sleep in around this town. After our one night here in Anchorage, we hopped in our car and headed down to Homer, AK. More to come on that!


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