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>> Sunday, December 30, 2007

So I made an invitation mock-up before Christmas - but due to all of the hustle and bustle I am finally getting around to posting pictures of it. It's been crazy! So in my last post I had just received my envelopes, etc. Yay!

This is the outside of my pocketfold, which will also have the guests names on it, and the outer envelope.

Inside the pocketfold I have four inserts: RSVP, Reception, Accomodations, and Directions. I wanted to do the Directions card the largest since that was going to have the most information on it. There is an upclose shot below. The sizes of my inserts were: RSVP - 4"x5", Reception 4.75"x5", Accomodations - 5.5"x5" and Directions - 6.25"x5". I found that 3/4" between each was a good spacing for the words in there.

I also realized that when the pocket in the pocketfold is 5" wide that the cards need to be slightly smaller than 5" for it to fit. I just trimmed the edges down on my cards when I cut them. My RSVP cards are postcards, so we just printed my parents return address on the back of them. The smallest size that the post office will accept is 3.5"x5" - so I assume since this is slightly smaller than 5" they will still accept it.


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