Pocketfolds & Envelopes are here!

>> Monday, December 17, 2007

So last Friday when I arrived home after work and tons of errands, I found a package at my door! I was so excited because I knew right away that it was my pocketfolds and envelopes.

I ordered 150 coffee brown Vertigo pocketfolds from Cardsandpockets.com. I also ordered 150 cream A7 Envleopes. This was the final piece to the DIY Invite puzzle that I needed.

This means that I am a "go" over Christmas break to start printing and cutting these invites. I am printing the invitations on my fiance's printer. His mother is a teacher and said I could borrow their large paper cutter from work - which I was excited about! This means I don't have to pay someone to do it for me. I plan on printing "templates" around the text to it's easy to tell where to cut instead of guessing and then screwing up. Fiance seems to be excited about this DIY project as well - but probably because I'm so excited about it!

I will be making a mock-up of my invitation soon to get final approvals on wordings, timelines, directions, etc from my parents and his parents. I am looking forward to putting all of this together because I am really hoping that this will open some doors for me as far as making invitations for other couples for their weddings. I love crafts and DIY-ing things... If I didn't have to have a steady paycheck to pay the bills each month I would probably try to open a craft store.

Watch for a mock-up soon!


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