One Week Out

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let’s just show some pictures here first… 

Super Bowl Sunday – around half time
I was trying to get a good shot of the sexy green bruise on my neck. 

One Week Out
This was one week out from surgery.  Feelin’ good!

That thing that looks like a shadow on my neck is some bruising.  It doesn’t hurt, it just looks ugly.  Yesterday was the first day that I just felt really, really good.  I had energy and was laughing and joking at the doctor’s office.  It felt so good to feel like I was getting back to normal again. 

My biggest complaint yesterday was that the rubber bands were just digging into my cheeks from the swelling and it was painful – so it’s like a Catch-22 because the pain was causing it to swell more.  The other biggest complaint was that the inside of my mouth was just so.raw.  As in it felt like I ate an entire pineapple in one sitting raw.  I stuck to creamy, easy, bland food yesterday.  I did take a sip of wine that The Mr. was bottling and it burned like hot alcohol or mouth rinse.  I am also keeping wax on the spots that are problem areas to help out also.  Getting the swelling down will help me keep things clean easier plus keep all of this stuff in my mouth from digging in. 

My appointment with Dr. D went really well yesterday.  He adjusted the rubber bands to get them out of my cheeks.  It puts them more towards the front – so it limits my bite and being able to get forks & spoons into my mouth…but hey, if it means that my cheeks are getting a break, I don’t care if it takes me 30 minutes to eat a plate of eggs.   He said that the swelling looks great and my muscles are calming down and allowing my jaw to come into alignment where it’s supposed to be.  I got a homework assignment to stand in front of the mirror and work on my bite.  I have to retrain the muscles for what is correct and normal. 

The Mr.’s new running joke is coming home and asking me what I did that day.  Whomp, whomp!  He’s funny.  I should make him leave me a list of things he wants me to finish that day before he goes to work…  Actually, now that I think about it – he did leave me a list and I did everything except for one (the taxes).  I did those this morning plus a bunch of other things on my “to do” list… I’ve kept the list so I can tell him everything I did today…  which really isn’t A LOT because I’m trying to hold myself back so I can make sure I get better quickly. 


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