One Week Out

>> Monday, January 23, 2012

If I were one to count down, I would be saying there are 7 real food chewing days left before I am introduced to a non-chewing diet.  This should be interesting. 

I have been trying to make the best of these last few weeks of “real food”.  To the point that today I was craving a milkshake but decided to snack on some bread instead.  Why? Because I’m going to be sucking every meal through a straw or off a spoon or however non-chew diets work for 6 weeks.

I do need to ask Dr. D about how exactly one transitions back to eating real food.  I can’t imagine on day 42 he says “Alright, Michelle!  Things look great! Have a hamburger or hot dog tonight!  Maybe even eat some raw carrots and celery. Yum!” 

I should just take it one step at a time – but I think about these things.

Since I am using this as a way to document all of my experiences with this whole surgery, I should also mention I had my pre-assessment at The Saint today.  All was well.  I think the nurse (Mrs. Butts – I can’t make this stuff up) now knows me better than any of my friends.  One of the questions was the height of the steps in my house… weird.  She swore it had something to do with orthopedic surgeries.  Riiiight.  Anyway – I am almost surprised they didn’t ask for our gross family income or something.  I think some of the questions were related to the government and Mr. Presidente getting all up in our bees-wax.

Of course I couldn’t leave there without meeting with the financial lady.  When I got dressed this morning I mentally went through about 5 outfits before landing on the one I finally wore.  There were two factors that kept me changing my mind: (1) it was windy, chilly and rainy and (2) I had to talk to the finance lady and I wanted to see what all of my options were before she forced me to throw a credit card down on the table to pay in full.  We discussed all of my options (well, all TWO of them…pay in full and get an extra 10% discount or pay half and only get the original 75% discount).

Yeah.  Seventy-five percent discount because I was considered “self-pay”.  I get excited when I get a pair of pants or a sweater for 75-85% off.  I am trying to figure out how come I didn’t have the same level of excitement when I was told about this discount.  I mean, it’s like this surgery is on the clearance rack!  Let’s look at it like that…  you know, it’s so cheap, I couldn’t just leave it on the shelf!

The Mr. is going to be my nurse.  We have moved a mini-fridge upstairs for my convenience during the first few days at least.  I also get upgraded to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.  It’s the little things, ya know?  He’s going to be working on his mad Call of Duty skillz during my naps and general drooling time.  (I felt the need to note this so that maybe I’ll remember to follow up on how this has really played out…)

As my entertainment, today I bought a 2000 piece puzzle and a 750 piece puzzle.  I also have a goal of finishing my cross-stitching that I started early in college (like circa 2004…yeah, that long ago!).  So I will rest my weary jaw bone and try to accomplish some goals all at the same time.  Kill all the birds with one massive couch sitting rock.  That’s me.

I need to take and post some “before” shots so that perhaps we’ll see the difference on here.


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