2012: To resolve or not to resolve

>> Saturday, January 7, 2012

That’s the question on most people’s minds right now right? 

First of all – how tired are you of reading about what people’s New Year Resolutions are?  I’m sure your blog feed is FULL of them all and you probably clicked “Mark All As Read” :-) 

At any rate, feel free to click “read” if you so desire.

I’m not completely sure if I want to set a baseline of resolutions for 2012.  I have no idea where this year is going to take me.  At the beginning of 2011 I knew I wanted to lose a few more pounds, start running, take & pass the PE… 

This year?  I have no idea what I am doing post-January.  Heck – I’m not even sure what January holds for me. 

I have seen around blog land some folks who do monthly goals.  I think for a while I am going to try this monthly goal thing.  (I will probably have to set a reminder on my phone so I don’t forget about setting my monthly goals… how sad is that?!)

January Goals

1. Jaw surgery. Get it done. Survive it. Keep eating enough calories when I am only able to consume liquids… so I don’t look like skeletore. Yeah, let’s get that done. :-)
2. Run the Greenville News 5k on January 21.  This depends on the un-scheduled surgery date that I am *patiently* waiting to be scheduled…
3. Finish 3 books.  Should be easy if I’m laid up on the couch, right? :-)


Anyone have any good suggestions for me?  What should my 2012 goals be?


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