Sunday is a Run-Day

>> Sunday, May 15, 2011

At least while I am out of town it is...  Sunday mornings are the only time that I have been able to say "Hey, I'm coming in to work late because I'm going for a long run."

The construction guys all think I'm "sleeping in" because I partied too much the night before... but they are staying in the same town I am staying in and I'm still not sure where these "parties" are happening on Saturday nights...

I am also slowly, but surely, trying to complete the 5K 101 training program.  I only started it in January.

Anyhow - there is a neighborhood behind my apartment complex and IT.IS.HILLY.  Wow, it's got some serious hills!  I have been running the "Run 8, Walk 2" sequence from the 5K 101 program. 

Today after running 8 minutes, I decided I felt pretty good (even with all of the hills) so I kept on trucking.  I did the "Run 12, Walk 3" sequence today.  It felt good and I repeated it 4 times for a total of an hour run.  Overall the run felt pretty good considering the amount of hills that I had to slowly ascend.  My legs were on fire!  There are a couple of just really long hills that kick my behind every time.  I need to improve my endurance for the "ups and downs" of the hills but I am getting better.

People have been asking me how far I have been running but I honestly didn't really know.  Today I decided to stick to a loop route and then map my run when I got back to the apartment.  I ended up running/walking a total of 5.25 miles today.  That is pretty awesome for me!  It was a little slow because it took me 70 minutes to do it all.  I walked for the last 10 minutes of the run.  So that ends up being just over a 13 minute/mile. 

Slow?  Yes.  But that's okay.  I'm not out there trying to win any races - I am just trying to be healthy!

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