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>> Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm going to ignore the "big white elephant" in the room and not make any excuses for not updating for, well, almost a month.

Instead - we're going to talk about something that is both delicious AND awesome: WINE. :)

While in California, there was an open weekend that we could either go home (um, no thanks - not flying 'cross country for two days just to come back thankyouverymuch) or stay. I stayed - and went to Paso Robles - wine country.

Is it Napa Valley or Sonoma? No.
Was it gorgeous with some delicious wine? Oh yeah.

I also did a little wine tour into the wine cellars at the Robert Hall Winery. It was interesting to see their "caves" and their stores of wine. The tour guide talked about some interesting things - but I was only half listening.

As the man swiped my card for my wine purchase there at the Robert Hall winery - he shared with me that "Oh hey - we ship wine to where you live!" grrreat. I bet I could get this mess at Total Wine for cheaper.

Oh well, the experience, right?

All about the experience.

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Laura Elaine June 1, 2010 at 11:15 AM  

Very cool! And, I recently read an article that Paso Robles is the new Napa. Actually, the article said it was the new foodie capital as well so, way to get in on it before it's officially cool :)

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