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>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When I look out my office window, this is what I see. Kind of. Except this is a picture off of the internet...but it's close. It's foggy, gloomy, chilly, rainy, windy.

But this afternoon it's supposed to be warm(er), sunny, and windy. The only part about that I don't like is {windy}. Wind and my hair just don't play nicely. Windy days make me want to shave my head... but I'll never bring myself that far.

There is one good thing about this weather - but let me set the stage for you first. Our office has low wall cubes (read - 3' walls...we can all look at each other while sitting at our desk) Some people have offices and some people who aren't "good enough" to have an office but are "too good" for low walls have 5' walls.

I have a 3' wall because I'm just a kid - understandable.

I sit in a little annex on the floor. There are 4 cubes tucked away over here - 2 low, 2 high. And then some printers. It's kind of in a corner so there are windows behind me and to my right (they wrap around the building). To my left is a long hallway (where the big dogs sit) and the break room.

Here's an old picture - this is the cube to my right and the windows to my right. And a great example of (a) how low the cube walls are and (b) how ridiculously close we sit. I can answer his phone without getting out of my chair.

Normally I can't see anyone coming down the hallway or walking up behind me while I'm working. Except when the weather is crappy - then the windows act like mirrors and I can see everything. I can hear you coming AND I can see you coming. It's kind of cool - especially when we had folks who used to work here and got a kick out of sneaking up on people. Definitely un-cool.

And there's your random tidbit for the day.

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Clemson Girl December 9, 2009 at 11:47 AM  

We have short walls where I work too. It bothers me because I can't always tell if my cube-mates are talking to me or not since they don't have to make an effort to go around the wall. I wish we had windows to the outside.

Laura Elaine December 9, 2009 at 12:12 PM  

You and me both about the wind! I looooooathe it. It's the least favorite of the elements. Like, I become the biggest baby about it. And at least you have nice pretty straight smooth hair. I have really wavy hair that freaks out! :(

Kristin December 9, 2009 at 4:49 PM  

I used to use the picture on my office wall to see when people were coming down the hall!

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