2009 in Review

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've been thinking about this post for a few days now and I kept thinking to myself "There wasn't a lot that happened in 2009...so I'm not sure what I am going to talk about."

Then I started sifting through pictures...and a lot happened in 2009. So here is Mrs. B's 2009 in review. Sit back and enjoy.

We started the year off with our best friends (and neighbors) getting married. So much fun!

We got a raised garden bed built.

A new patio. (complete with steps to the backyard - so nice!)

Raised flower beds in front of the house.

Some more friends got married. Yay!

I decided on, reserved, and have started a backlog for my Etsy business.

I tried to learn how to water ski

Our friend, Stacy, was here to visit. And schooled me on how to water ski.

I went to my first body building competition.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit us for the 4th of July

We picked muscadines on John's Island with the in-laws

Spent some time fishing

Mom & Dad took their first ride on a jet ski - now they are hooked!

Spent some quality time at the lake with my family.

ZOMG. We bought a car!

I refinished a very old desk for my craft room.

The Mr. made a lot (and I mean a lot) of apple jelly.
(Guest post coming soon...)

The Mr. also ran electrical and installed ceiling fans on our front porch.

We found out my sister is going to make our family and +1!

Got to spend Christmas with my brother and sister - first time in three years.

The whole family at Christmas

(I thought I'd throw these in here since I didn't do a Christmas post)

The best part of everything we did this year - I got to do it all with him. And that's what makes it so great!

There weren't too many milestones from 2009 - but overall it was a great year. I know a lot of people are ready to give good riddance to 2009 and bring on 2010, but I have to be thankful for all that 2009 has given me and taught me.

I've had a lot of opportunities to spend time with my family and my in-laws. We've made a lot of memories. Both my husband and I have made it through the year gainfully employed, although we were worried about layoffs at one point or another.

And speaking of layoffs - even though I seriously spent the entire year waiting to get laid off, I have decided that I am done with that. I don't want to worry about getting laid off or "what if I don't have a job" or "ZOMG, if I get laid off it'll be the end of the world." We have spent a lot of time this year preparing ourselves financially and mentally for a layoff. No matter what happens or what God puts in front of us - we will be fine. We will make it and as long as I have him next to me every step of the way, then I will be happy and blessed.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe!

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