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>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've been a slacking blogger (it's been a full 7 days since my last post!)

The weather on Saturday was overcast and "blah" so we didn't do much of anything. On Sunday, the weather was perfect so we headed to North Carolina to pick some apples!

And pick apples we did! A TON of apples. So I've been going all Betty Crocker in the kitchen the past few nights.

What I've made so far:
1. 4 apple pies (All Recipes has this with 5 stars and almost 2500 reviews. How can I go wrong?)
2. Apple-Blueberry crisps (in ramekins for the individual serving)
3. Applesauce (found on Heather's blog)
4. Apple Spice Bars (also from Heather)
5. Chocolate Chip Apple Oatmeal Cookies (from Good Things Catered)
6. Carrot Apple Raisin Walnut Bread (also from Good Things Catered)

Most of this has been put into the freezer and will be baked at some other time when we are scrambling for a yummy dessert. The only things that have been baked and eaten are the Apple Spice Bars (for The Mr's office and coworkers. Those guys are pretty cool.) and the Chocolate Chip Apple Oatmeal Cookies (for one of my coworkers big 4-0 birthday). Both of those recipes got RAVE reviews.

What's left to make? (Oh yeah, there is more!)
1. 2 Apple Crisps (again, All Recipes with 4.5 stars and 1700 reviews? No question)
2. Another batch of the Apple Spice Bars (these are for my freezer!!)
3. More applesauce (yum!)
4. Chicken & Apple Couscous (tonight for dinner!)

What are your favorite apple recipes?? I'd love to see them and maybe even try them out!

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