Falling Behind...

>> Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Man, I have really slacked off on blogging, no?

I have pictures that I need to upload for the real appreciation of all the things I'd like to talk about...

So how about I give you a preview of what's to come:

1. Lake trip with the neighbors
2. Lake trip with the family
3. Grape Stompin' festival in Charleston
4. Completed craft projects
5. Kitchen design ideas
6. Master bath paint color survey
7. 101 in 1001 updates

So gear yourself up...because I'm going to try to get my butt into gear!

As for this week - tomorrow is the first football game of the season: USC vs. NC State. Some neighbors are having a tailgate in the street - so I am looking forward to that! We are going to be trying out some new recipes for the get together on Thursday - if they are a success then I will share those with you as well!

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