Weigh-In Wednesday

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And here we are again...a week later. I am slack about posting between Wednesdays - and I will try to get better about it! I have a few things up my sleeve to post about.

But onto the real news...the weight. I did "okay" with my cardio this week. Elvis kicked my butt last week at our workout and hopefully will do the same again this week. I'm finding that I'm not as sore anymore the day or two after my workouts - which indicates that I am getting stronger and in better shape. So that is positive!

And since my weight this week fell back in line with my weight from two weeks ago - I'm calling last week an outlier. It was bogus, in my book. So I'm still doing well and I just need to get my cardio back up again.

Next weeks goal is to be at about 155...I think I can lose about a pound in a week without a problem. Wish me luck!


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