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>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

So you'll find below several updates from Christmas. Good times.

And because of all the crazy fun we had that weekend of Christmas, we decided to be low key for New Years. We watched football on the coach in our sweats. It was relaxing. This whole weekend has been relaxing and has been exactly what we needed.

We took down our Christmas decorations. The last thing to come down is the tree and that will happen today.

And on the house front - I bought curtains for our bedroom last week. I need to buy the last curtain rods today at Lowe's (because I bought the wrong ones to begin with). I am going to put them up today with the supervision of The Mr.

My brother was in the upstate for a wedding this weekend. We made pizza stew in the crockpot. It's "low carb" pizza - but we added crescents on the side, so it wasn't really low carb. It was good though! I'll post the recipe soon.


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