Oh, Pandora.

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Pandora - sometimes I "like" a song by clicking the "thumbs up" sign. Even after I've indicated that I like that song - the next time I hear it, I always want to "like" it again. I want to double like or even triple like some of the songs. As in "This is one of my all time, top 10 favorite songs" kind of like. But you can't do that. You can only "like" something once. And then they start playing country because apparently you "liking" an O.A.R. song or a Sister Hazel song means that you also like to listen to bad country. It doesn't matter that I have "disliked" several (if not all) of the bad country songs. If it's good country - I don't mind so much. Sugarland? Sounds great. The people's whose names I can't remember? Not great. So not great that I can't even remember their names.

Also - a note to Pandora, when I some how magically shift you from a tab in my browser to a whole new window by merely clicking on you - that doesn't mean that you can totally change the whole musical feel for the morning. I don't want to do a shift from Hootie and O.A.R. and Sister Haze and 3eb, and Goo Goo Dollsl to, let's say, Hank Williams. That's not cool. I was jiving and you, Pandora, ruined my morning jive.

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