Weekend Recap

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

Let's see how I did this weekend... green is "complete".


  • go to the gym for weights & cardio
  • remove stickers on Taurus back window
  • wash & vacuum cars
  • deadhead flowers
  • finish Heidi's cards
  • eat dinner with our neighbors
  • cut cardstock for favor card order
  • print first layer of favor cards
  • finish painting the "Welcome" sign
  • research recycled papers for Beth's invites and save the dates
  • work on art for 1/2 bath
  • organize user manuals & paperwork upstairs
  • watch football :)
  • put away miscellaneous items in the morning room corner
  • clean windows
  • dust all fan blades
  • wipe down fridge
  • finish inventory of the pantry
  • start inventory of the freezer
  • eat dinner with Beth and Bryan
  • print the second layer for favor card order
  • relax & finish the things that weren't finished.

Not too shabby. By Monday I had run out of steam and also remembered that I needed to go to the grocery store. Plus there were a few recipes I wanted to try and I also went to the gym in the afternoon - so no time for cleaning. Ha Ha!

Now let me show you The Mr.'s weekend project:

First he rewired the two light fixtures in the foyer so they are on the same switch (yeah - don't ask why they weren't before...we can't figure it out). Then ran the wire from the light closest to the door to a junction box.

Jumpered off the wire in the aforementioned junction box and ran it onto the porch. Added some junction boxes and jumpered more wire. (He also battled with the siding...that was ridiculous!)

And at the end of the weekend - we have two ceiling fans on our front porch. A little slice of southern heaven!

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